Building Enterprise Applications with Multitenancy[Hands-On]. Course is Live

This course intends to teach how to build cloud, enterprise-ready applications with multitenancy, based on the Dotnet Core and Docker. Build CI/CD process in the Azure DevOps to deploy the app to the Azure Kubernetes Service.

With the course, you can:

  • Learn what is Multitenancy and how it it can help you to build enterprise applications
  • Entity Framework best practices
  • Learn UnitOfWork, Repository patterns
  • Learn how to build CI/CD process using Docker and Kubernetes

Notice: I’ve based the course on the “Saw and understand” technique. It means that the important information is represented as Infographics and diagrams. This allows not only to understand information quickly, but also to move fast through the course.

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Building Event Driven and Microservices Architecture in Azure. [Hands-On]

Building a cloud infrastructure can be a challenging task. In this course, you will learn how to easily design and build complex solutions based on the Event-Driven Architecture in the Azure Cloud.

There are a lot of dependencies in your software and services that make it difficult. For example:

  • SQL Database (SQL Server, My SQL, Mongo)
  • Storage (Blob, Files)
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Event Grid
  • Azure Functions
  • Virtual Machines

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System Design/PaaS. Building VM Creation and Hardening Workflow.

Managing Virtual Machines and other Compute Unit can be difficult. In this course I will explain on how to build a fully automated workflow. The Course is based on Hands-On and Infographics approach. In the course you will build pipeline that includes following steps:

  • Create VM with BackUp Configuration
  • Add Diagnostics and Insights Settings
  • Setup and Configuration Extensions (DSC, CloudInit)
  • Setup Any Software and Tool directly to VM
  • Manipulate with file system.
  • Azure policy and Automation Workflow
  • Managing and Forwarding logs

The course is coming soon. Contact me or Subscribe and receive latest updates about the course and request the discount vouchers