Netdata Cloud Show: Observability Panel

Learn from an all-star panel discussing the latest trends and best practices around observability in the first-ever Netdata Cloud Show.

DZone Live - The Cloud Security Episode

Join us for our first-ever live panel as we discuss Cloud Security. Featured guests include Matt Johnson from, Jay Chen from Palo Alto Networks, and Boris Zaikin from Nordcloud.

I Brought a Drumset to a Python Meetup” with Boris Zalkin | Educative Sessions

At the Python Meetup group in Munich, Germany, one of the organizers heard Boris Zalkin could drum. “What if you brought your drum kit to our next Meetup? What’s the worst that could happen?” Even though he empathizes with the ears and experiential expectations of other Meetup attendees, Boris came to play. Check out the rest of this story.

Listen to the podcast Here (Also available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and more major platforms!)

DZone Live - Kubernetes Panel

Ready to hear real-world stories from the frontlines of Kubernetes? Listen to this all-star panel as they take you through the frontlines, real-world stories, latest trends, opportunities, and challenges. This panel features a Q&A.

DZone Panel: Working in the Cloud? Learn All About Containers From Those on the Frontlines

Working in the Cloud? Are you using Containers or about to? Learn all about Containers from this all-star panel!