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Microservices and Containerization

According to our 2022 Microservices survey, 93% of our developer respondents work for an organization that runs microservices. This number is up from 74% when we asked this question in our 2021 Containers survey. With most organizations running microservices and leveraging containers, we no longer have to discuss the need to adopt these practices, but rather how to scale them to benefit organizations and development teams.

So where do adoption and scaling practices of microservices and containers go from here? In DZone’s 2022 Trend Report, “Microservices and Containerization,” our research and expert contributors dive into various cloud architecture practices, microservice orchestration techniques, security, and advice on design principles. The goal of this Trend Report is to explore the current state of microservices and containerized environments to help developers face the challenges of complex architectural patterns.

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Top 6 Threat Detection Tools for Containers

Nowadays, a containerized solution is a de facto standard in the cloud-native application development world. Tools like Docker, Containers, CRI-O, and Kubernetes are on-trend. Millions of development and architecture teams choose a container-based solution to build their product. All well-known cloud providers have numerous services and are based on Kubernetes, Docker, and other container orchestration platforms.

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