News and Updates about Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

The Intersection of APIs, Microservices, and Cloud-Based Systems

Seamless communication — that, among other consequential advantages, is the ultimate goal when integrating your software. And today, integrating modern software means fusing various applications and/or systems — many times across distributed environments — with the common goal of unifying isolated data. This effort often signifies the transition of legacy applications to cloud-based systems and messaging infrastructure via microservices and REST APIs.

Demystifying Multi-Cloud Integration

Multi-cloud integration strategies may sound like buzzwords and marketing slang, but in this article, I will demystify them. I will also dive deeply into on-premises and legacy systems and how we can integrate with them. Before we jump into the topic, I would like to define what integration means in a cloud context.

Multi-Cloud Integration In Plain English

In this post, take a look at the top integration services that AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure provide as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each service.