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CI/CD and Application Release Orchestration

With the need for companies to deliver capabilities faster, it has become increasingly clear that DevOps is a practice that many enterprises must adopt (if they haven’t already). A strong CI/CD pipeline leads to a smoother release process, and a smoother release process decreases time to market.

In DZone’s “DevOps: CI/CD and Application Release Orchestration” Trend Report, we provide insight into how CI/CD has revolutionized automated testing, offer advice on why an SRE is important to CI/CD, explore the differences between managed and self-hosted CI/CD, and much more. The goal of this Trend Report is to offer guidance to our global audience of DevOps Engineers, Automation Architects, and all those in between on how to best adopt DevOps practices to help scale the productivity of their teams.

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Docker Security Mini-book

Are containers insecure? Not at all. Features like process isolation with user namespaces, resource encapsulation with cgroups, immutable images, and shipping minimal software and dependencies reduce the attack vector by providing a great deal of protection.

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